Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Part 2-Mont Tremblant

In the weeks leading up to the big dances I would have these waves of panic about, not being able to get into Canada, not having Ruby with me in Kona and having panic attacks the entire time I was on the island. Then there were days when I would have these moments during workouts when my whole body would get covered in goose bumps and I would feel complete calm about what I was about to do. Just before Mont Tremblant I wasn't 100% certain I would be ready and I just wasn't sure I could bring it 2 years in a row. Powering through became my speciality.

Travelling to Canada was amazing because my parents live close enough to come. My dad hasn't been to a World Championship since my first Kona, so having my family there was a special treat. Having my parents at races just makes me feel a little but more at ease, between my mom's sense of humor and the belief that my father always has in my ability, I was feeling pretty grateful to race so close to home! Kebby had sent a sweet new red and white kit, my ode to the Canadian flag, so I was feeling pretty psyched to get put there and test my heart and courage!
I was happy to be accompanied to my pre race shake out, by my dad and sister Kim. It was drizzling and cool and I couldn't find my teammates until Kevin Wilson came over and wrangled me to the swim finish where his wife Kristen and K Dubs were just finishing their swim. We headed out for an uneventful 15 minutes on the rolling part of the bike course and as we got back to the parking area I forgot how to unclip and i tipped right over on my bike like a newbie. K Dubs 11 year old kept us from running to slow on our run and then proceeded to kick our asses during strides. We were ready!

We met up with the HPT gang in transition and got tattooed and tried to stay warm. Once we got over to the swim start I became obsessed with finding a safety pin for my timing chip. Obsessing over something like this helps take my mind off the fun (pain) I'm about to endure. I dragged poor Kristen Wilson all over in search of a pin! Finally we happened upon a very warm, inviting tent where I walked in and shouted, "does anyone in here have a safety pin to spare?" A nice lady gave me a safety pin and finally it was time to go.

Races are always a blur to me. The swim was relatively uneventful. My goggles came loose a time or two, but the best part was standing up and Kristen Wilson being right by my side! I yelled something to her and started the long sprint to transition. The bike ride was congested! I spent a lot of time yelling, passing and getting repassed. On the way out on the interstate there were huge packs of assholes riding together. I even yelled over at them, "way to ride fair a&&($:/s!" By the time we hit the rollers things spread out a little bit, but I was still with a couple of women that I had played leapfrog with for a solid 40-45 miles. In my head I always make new bike friends during races, people that ride hard and honest and are willing to gut it out. Amanda Wendorff and Andrea Hopkin became my new bike bff's that day.

Into transition I was fairly pleased with my ride, but knew I had had had to run my guts out to get to the front. I don't race with a gps, because I just want to run as hard as possible to get to the front. After 3 years with Coachulio I know I'm almost always fit enough to hang on. I was pretty sure I was in third coming off the bike and could see 2nd most of the first lap, until somewhere in the madness of the village she shook me. What I did get to see at the end of lap 1 was Ruby and my mom-it always refills me when I get to see my family. On the second lap I wasn't loving my splits so tried to keep pushing but my legs just didn't seem to have it all. About halfway through I passed the girl who was leading off the bike and just tried to hang on to second.

After crossing the finish line second in my age group I wanted to be happy. My family was there and they were excited, I even asked Julio if it was okay to be happy with my race. I thought I was happy with it for about an hour before I started picking my performance apart. Second place might be the hardest place to finish because you pick every detail apart and try to figure out where you could've done better. We didn't exactly train through Mont Tremblant, but we didn't do a complete taper either. Needless to say, I left Canada  a little pissed off at myself for not digging deeper on the run and making stupid mistakes at the end of the bike.

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